Our Mission

TCHFLA provides confidential, interest-free loans to members of the Tarrant County Jewish community.

Our History


Our Birth

The Fort Worth and Tarrant County Jewish community is proud to have an active Hebrew Free Loan Association.  Since the early 1900s, Tarrant County’s Hebrew Free Loan Association has provided a “helping hand” instead of a handout to Jewish members of the Tarrant County community.  Confidential loans have been used for expenses such as education, starting a small business, medical payments or when someone has fallen on hard times.

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Since then

Since no interest or fees are charged with the loans, our goal is full repayment.  All people receiving loans must complete a detailed application, provide local co-signers and go through an interview process.  Each person creates a workable repayment plan and is required to make monthly payments.

Our Members

In addition to the repayment of loans, our greatest source of loan funds comes from membership in the Tarrant County Hebrew Free Loan Association.   Our members are the bedrock of our organization and enable us to assist individuals and families in need.

Our passion for what we do transfers into our services

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